DC1 Ceramic Bearing Set


  DC1 Ceramic Bearing Set. This is a set of 14 bearings total. One Set will cover a full car....

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DC1 Ceramic Bearing Set. This is a set of 14 bearings total. One Set will cover a full car.


**R1 Wurks Precision Ceramic Bearings for RC Racing**


Looking for a reliable performance boost for your RC racing setup? R1 Wurks Precision Ceramic Bearings offer durability and speed, allowing you to focus on achieving that perfect lap.


**Hand-Assembled Ceramic Balls**

 Each ceramic ball is handpicked and set up by our skilled technicians. They're all about the details, making sure you get nothing but smooth, consistent quality.


**Precision-Machined Inner and Outer Races**

Our inner and outer races are dialed in with killer precision. They fit like a dream and help you ride like a pro, giving you that sweet edge on the track.


**Smooth Friction Surfaces**

We've polished the friction surfaces on these bearings to make sure they're ultra-smooth. Glide through turns and speed down straights with less drag and more flow. 


**Minimized Radial and Axial Play**

We've kept radial and axial play to a minimum, so you get the stability and efficiency you need to shred those laps and keep your ride dialed.


**Proprietary Spin Test**

Before these babies leave the shop, we give 'em a spin test with our own low-friction setup. We make sure they're up to snuff so you can hit the track with total confidence.


**Lubed Up with Dope Ceramic Bearing Oil**

Skip the greasy stuff that attracts dirt. We've gone with Dope ceramic bearing oil to keep things running clean and fast. Less mess, more speed—it's the way to go.


**Key Features:**

- Hand-assembled ceramic balls for consistent quality

- Precision-machined inner and outer races for that perfect fit

- Smoothed-out friction surfaces for less drag

- Minimized radial and axial play for ultimate stability

- Spin-tested for guaranteed performance

- Lubed up with Dope ceramic bearing oil for a cleaner ride

If you're looking to elevate your RC racing game, R1 Wurks Precision Ceramic Bearings are your ticket to a faster, more reliable ride. Catch you on the track!



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