DC1 Rear Body Mount

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DC1 Rear Hub Direct Body Post Mount. This new part is created to directly mount your body to your rear hubs using a traditional body...


DC1 Rear Hub Body Mount. This new part is used to mount your body directly to the Rear Hubs while eliminating excess parts and weight....


DC1 Wide Tire rear riser. These are to be used with Wide tire hub adaptor (PN:990033-4) and (PN:990205) To make the rear end of the DC1...


This is our new wide tire hub adapters for our DC1 car. These are sold as a pair.


Injection Molded 50mm Body Posts. Included: 4 x 50mm Body Posts This will not be supplied with body clips.


Here We Have Our New Upgraded Rear Hub Adapters. These Will Bolt Onto The Rear Hubs Using Longer Screws And Hex Nuts. They Are Not Specific...


This Is Our New Carbon Fiber Centering Bracket For The Rear Body Mount. The Slotted Bracket Is Now Carbon Fiber, While The Spacer Will Remain...


This is the Directed Force rear body mount crossbar. These are now injection molded. They are much stronger than the 3D printed version and are...


Sold As A Pair Of Two (Delrin Posts, Aluminum Base). These Are Our Black Anodized 7mm Short Bases. Screws And Pins Will Be Included. The...


Upgrade To Our New DC1 Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower. A Two Piece Design With Carbon Tower And CNC Aluminum Spacer. These Are For Use...


These hold together the centering bracket for both the front and rear to their respective shock towers. These are titanium, nitrite coated. *Requires new slotted...


These are our new injection molded rear risers for the DC1. These are sold as a pair.


These are our new Tuned Body Mount Posts. They have a groove cut on each side and are .5 Grams lighter than the originals. Sold...


This Is The Centering Bracket For The Rear Body Mount. It Prevents Side To Side Movement Of The Crossbar And Body Posts. It Consists Of...


DC1 Rear Cross Bar Extension, can be bought with or without the body posts. Rear body mount is not included. Hardware included (3x 6mm buttonhead)...


This is our new injection molded hub adapters for our DC1 car. These are sold as a pair.


DC1 Carbon Fiber Rear Crossbar Available in 2,3,4mm Variants. These crossbars will be paired with a new Delrin Centering block and Delrin Riser. Replacement Carbon...


This is the latest rear Shock tower available for the DC1. This Shock tower works only with the Aluminum LCG Transmission.


DC1 Dome Body Post set. These are optional body posts sets for the DC1 Drag Car. It will come with the hardware shown in the...


Includes 8 total body clips, 4 black & 4 silver


This is a replacement Center Block for mounting the  Carbon Fiber Rear Crossbar for the DC1 Drag Car.


DC1 Carbon Fiber Rear Cross Bar Pivot Block pair, This is used on the ends of the DC1 Carbon Fiber Rear Crossbar to connect to...



Adjustable lightweight aluminum mounting plates for the DC1 direct hub body mounting system.  Features and Specifications: Direct fit Lightweight Durable black anodized finish with laser...


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