DC1 Steering parts

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DC1 Servo Mount Available for either our Standard Sized Servo or a Mini Sized Servo


Injection Molded C-Hubs To Be Used With The Directed Force Body Mount. Four Degrees of Caster.  Set Includes 1 Pair(2 Pcs) OUR PRODUCTS ARE VERY COMPETITIVE WITH THESE...


The Black Anodized Aluminum Front Axle set is light weight which offers less rotating mass for your DC1. This allows for a more efficient drivetrain!...



Upgrade Aluminum Servo Horn for DC1. This horn has a 25t spline and works perfect with our 050001 Digital Drive Low Profile 80mm Wire Servo. ...



These ball cups come in a set of 12.


These are the hat spacers used on the DC1. They are 1.7mm  Sold as a set of 4.


These are new carbon servo horns for the DC1. There are two options available, a solid carbon horn adapter or a light weight servo horn...


Replacement Titanium Turnbuckle pairs. Coming in either 50mm or 58mm Length.


Steel Ballstud Pairs Available for DC1 Drag Car. These are the same as the stock ballstuds that are supplied with the DC1 Kit. 6,8,10mm Sizes...


New Delrin split servo mount, This is a new 2-piece unit that is stronger and stiffer than the original 3d printed part. These are sold...


These new aluminum C-Hubs are lighter, stronger, and will keep the same body post mounting position as our injection molded variant. Body mount and posts sold separately...


These are the new injection molded steering knuckles. They are sold as a pair, a left & a right.


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