DC1 Wheelie Bar

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This is our wheelie bar turnbuckle for the DC1. This set comes with 1 pair of ball cup connectors.


Prototype Wheelie Bar Hinge for DC1.


This is our new Tuned Wheelie Bar for our DC1. It's shorter and lighter than the original wheelie bar. Measuring 239mm long and 56 grams....


This is all the hardware required for the back end of the wheelie bar. This includes the pillow blocks, screws, spacers, and centering shaft.


DC1 Lightweight Wheelie Bar, Strong and light. The new DC1 Lightweight wheelie bar comes in at 9g and measuring at 290mm in length. Slightly longer...


This is the ball stud kit for our wheelie bar turnbuckle and bracket mount. There are 4mm threaded and non threaded ball studs included. Sold...


DC1 Light Weight Transmission Wheelie Bar Link Mount. This is used to mount your turnbuckle link from the rear of the Light Weight Transmission to...


This is an upgraded shaft for the wheelie bar. The shaft has been hollowed out and is lighter than the original kit shaft.


This is a direct replacement for the wheelie bar wheel that comes with the kit. This item is sold individually.


This is the stock Wheelie Bar shaft.


Our already popular Carbon Fiber Wheelie Bar now offered in a lighter 3mm version. 3mm Version is weighing in at 42grams


DC1 Ceramic Bearing Set for Wheelie Bar


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DC1 Replacement Wheelie Bar Bearing


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