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Q: I just got my ESC/Program box. Is it updated? How can I update it when new firmware is available?

A: We try to send out all of our equipment with the newest firmware at the time of shipment. Once updates are available, you can click here to watch a helpful tutorial video on how to install them.


Q: What is the proper gearing for me?

 A: Track size, level of traction, surface, track temp, electronics and motor turn all play important factors in having a fast setup for both on and off-road. Gearing is also car-specific, so there is no one answer for gearing. A good rule of thumb is to keep our motors under 180°F at all times. Usually being geared properly for your track conditions the motor temperatures can vary between 145°F and 175°F. Also, if running our option rotors, we advise trying to keep temps under 160° to ensure the magnet does not lose strength. 


Q: My motor seems weak off the line now. Why?

A: Generally we see this caused by overheating to the point that the rotor loses its magnetic strength. This occurs much sooner than we see issues occur to the stator, so it may not be visible. To correct this issue, the rotor will need to be replaced.


Q: I plugged in my ESC backwards, is this under warranty?

A: No, this is not covered under warranty. However, if you decide to do so, you can still send it in for repair.


Q: I don't have proof of purchase, am I still covered under warranty?

A: Without any proof of purchase unfortunately your item would not be covered under warranty, but you can still send it in for repair.  


Q:What is the procedure to calibrate the ESC?

A:Both the Super LCG and Digital 2 ESCs use similar procedures, beginning with holding the set button or holding the power button  on startup respectively. The setup order is Neutral, Full Throttle, Full Brake


Q: How do I access the data logging function of the ESC?

A: Various data parameters are available when plugged into the Program Box. It will show data from the most recent run (time from ESC on to ESC off, whether  it was ran on track or not)

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